Caribbean Wedding: Wedding Customs and Traditions from Around the World.

by Chelsea on November 6, 2009


Hello, this is Chelsea. Today I am going to feature another series of wedding customs and traditions from around the world. And I have chosen to feature the wedding traditions in the Caribbean. I chose this because it has its unique, exotic qualities (even though Caribbean weddings have customs and traditions borrowed from the USA and Britain). Also, a Caribbean style of wedding can give you lots of wedding savings. How? Read on.

Here are some of the peculiar, yet very interesting, customs and traditions in a Caribbean wedding:

Bride and Groom Village Parade. It is common for the couple to be dressed in their wardrobe and walk from either the bride or the groom’s house to the church while the wedding bells are tolling. The chimes of the church bells announce the wedding to the whole island. Here, you don’t need a bridal car since the couple walks from home to church, while people line the street to view and comment on the bride’s and groom’s wedding outfit.

Word-of-Mouth Invitation. If you want an inexpensive wedding invitation, do what the Caribbeans do. Invite through word-of-mouth. In a Caribbean wedding, only few honored guests receive hand written-invitations. But whether you are officially invited or not, everyone is welcome at the wedding.

No Such Thing as Best Man. Well, the only “best” man in the Caribbean wedding is the groom. So a best man doesn’t exist in a Caribbean wedding. Also, the bride is always accompanied down the aisle by her father of both of her parents. Her face is concealed in a veil and only at the end of the wedding ceremony (which is a mixture of Catholic, Mayan, and African influences), does her groom/husband lift the veil to reveal her face and kiss her. Of course, to the cheering of both family and friends.

All Night Long Reception. Well, they really don’t have to stay all night, but the usual Caribbean Island wedding can go on all night long. This wedding celebration has lots of drinking and dancing. The night is engulfed in traditional steel-drum island music, guests drown themselves in sweet but potent rum punch, there’s a lot of wild, tribal-like dancing, and many toasts to the health and happiness of the newly married couple.


Unique Wedding Feast. I say it’s unique since the menu you will see in a typical Caribbean wedding is a combination of curried goat, spicy chicken jerk, conch (shellfish) fritters, and fried plantains. If you think this is not unique enough, I don’t know what you eat! But I do want to try Caribbean food, it’s kinda exotic with it’s meld of Latin and African cuisine.


DIY Gifts. Gifts a couple receive on their wedding consist mostly of exquisite, hand-made quilts and furniture.

Black cake

The Black Wedding Cake. The Caribbean wedding cake is what they call “Black Cake.” This recipe is handed down from mother to daughter for many generations. It is also a Christmas cake. It is actually a fruit cake with lots of alcoholic beverage as an ingredient, glazed with, yeah, still more alcoholic beverage!
So there you have it, a Caribbean wedding looks like it’s one of the more fun, energetic, and inexpensive traditional wedding celebrations out there. It would be great if I could attend one in the future. My second post will be a video on how to make a Caribbean “Black Cake.” Wait for it.

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