Weird Wedding Tips

by Chelsea on July 27, 2009

We as individuals want to be unique. We want to be different from everyone else. And sometimes, because of this need to be different, people tend to get weird at times. Here are some tips on how you can have a unique and uncanny wedding.

Most weddings are celebrated in a traditional way, but those are for squares. Here is a link where you can see different kinds of weird wedding motifs you can only imagine seeing in the twilight zone. Click the image for more pictures.


The Wedding Of Sweeney Todd

Here is a link where you can see weird wedding dresses. Some are really outrageous and bizarre. Some of these wedding dresses may not be the inexpensive wedding dresses you are looking for, but somehow these odd creations can make you look cheap.


Eat Your Heart Out, Gomez(Literally)!

Okay, so some people can’t go beyond the traditional way of celebrating a wedding. But they want to be unique just the same. One way to be different is to make their wedding cake topping different from the usual. Just click the sample image to see some outrageous examples.

For Anorexics

For Anorexics

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